Anonymous Lions player Says Jim Schwartz Lost Control Of Undisciplined Team

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions although not as big a mess as the Jets, were a mess of their own this year.  What started with a string of off-season arrest carried into an undisciplined and lack luster 2012 season for a team with high aspirations..

If not for the amazing play and statistical season of Calvin Johnson, who knows where this team would have been.  One anonymous Lions player in particular told Mike Freeman of CBS Sports that the team was “highly undisciplined, and that head coach Jim Schwartz lost the team.”

“At the end, we were a fractured group. Everything fell apart because we didn’t have unity.”

“I think players first and foremost are at fault,” said the player. “I also think Coach [Jim Schwartz] lost control of the team a little. I hope he comes back. It would be stupid to fire him, but we were an undisciplined team. Most of that is on us.

“But everyone needs to be accountable. The coaches, the players, the front office. Guys need to stop acting like assholes off the field. Need to stop getting stupid penalties. The truth is coaches need to punish guys more when they screw up.”

“We go from the playoffs to a laughingstock in a year,” the player said. “That’s on us first. But everyone has to take the heat, including the coaches.”

I don’t know if Schwartz should be fired this off-season, and I don’t think he will.  A coach with Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and some of those other big names, doesn’t have room for to many missed playoff appearances though.