Arizona RB Ka’Deem Carey Kicked Out Of Hoops Game After Confrontation With Police


Arizona All American Ka’Deem Carey is the nations leading rusher, and now he’s in trouble with police and administrators on his own campus.

The Daily Wildcat is reporting that Carey was kicked out of last Thursday’s home basketball game against UCLA after a verbal confrontation with event staff and police, according to a campus police report.

The incident follows a domestic violence situation Carey is still facing from January.  Carey was kicked out of   Thursday’s basketball game due to a “lack of cooperation” with Arizona event staff.

Carey and his cousin, Hakeem Adams-Johnson, were “double seated and sitting on the backs of the chairs.” Frank Duarte, a UA Athletics event staff member, initially asked Adams-Johnson and Carey to leave, according to the report.

The staff member asked them to move on “four occasions.” After Carey ignored him, a University of Arizona Police Department officer asked Carey to move and he complied.

Carey told the officer they were sitting in that area because “they couldn’t find their seats.”  When the police officer asked Carey for his ticket, he responded, “Get the fuck out of my face.” He then asked, “Do you know who I am? I’m an All-American.”

The officer asked Carey and Adams-Johnson to accompany him outside. They agreed, but Carey approached the officer, asking what the problem was. He said that the pair did not actually have tickets, but were having problems getting them, according to the report.

Carey then “got close” to the officer, who told Carey to “back off.” When Carey did not comply, the officer spoke in “a louder voice” and Carey took several steps back, according to the report.

A background check did not return any warrants out for either man.

The officer told both that they would have to leave the game area. Adams-Johnson is not a UA student. Carey was referred to the Dean of Students Office for a code of conduct violation.

Carey is still awaiting word on his domestic situation.