Asante Samuel Gives Himself a Nickname: “Swag 100”

Asante Samuel

Do people even use the term “Swag” anymore?

Samuel is about a year later, but here is what he had to say via 60 Max Power 0.

“I’m swag 100% of the time,” Samuel told Jim Corbett of USA TODAY Sports. “In order to have swag, you have to be balling — doing your thing and making game-changing plays, like I’ve been doing.” (he’s talking about football, right?)

To Samuel, the man with the “Get Paid” tattoo, its all about swagger (well, and getting paid of course).

“It’s all about being a leader, making everybody around you better,” he said. “That’s what I want to do, make everybody around me better and have everybody go out for one common goal: to win a championship.

This isn’t as good as Joe Johnson’s Swag Meter and the Falcon Swag will be at ZERO if they lose to the Seahawks.

One thought on “Asante Samuel Gives Himself a Nickname: “Swag 100”

  • Play football you loser. Remember when you had a perfect season in your hands and you dropped the ball. Not so much swag there. The rest was “hisTYREE”.

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