Attorney Says Ray Lewis Should Have Never Been Charged With Double Murder


Next Monday when Super Bowl week officially begins, Ray Lewis will probably be forced to answer just as many questions about a double murder in Atlanta 13 years ago as he will about his influence on the Ravens.

Criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow, who represented Sweeting in that case told the New York Daily News he “has no doubt that Lewis would have been acquitted if charged with murder.”

“People think Ray got off because he paid people off or because he was Ray Lewis, and that is not the case,” says Georgia criminal defense attorney Steve Sadow, who represented Sweeting. “There was no doubt that he would have been found not guilty if he had gone to trial. The only question was how long it would take for the jury to find him not guilty.”

Those deaths and Lewis being charged with obstruction of justice have hung over him, even as he’s made positive life changes and become a motivating force.

“Anyone who knows anything about this case knows he should never have been charged in this case,” Harvey says. “It is something that should have been put to bed a decade ago. The charges were bogus.”

“The charges were brought because he was Ray Lewis,” Sadow says. “I know how angry he was that he was not totally vindicated.”

Let it be known that the attorneys for the two men who were with Lewis state that Ray never got out of his limo to get involved in whatever altercation took place, and he specifically did not get involved out of fear it would affect his career.