Austin Trout Arrested For Brawl In Bar, Says Cops Locked Up Wrong Guy (Mugshot)

austin trout arrested

World Junior Middleweight Champ Austin Trout is loving life right now after the biggest win of his career last month over Miguel Cotto.

Trout has been maxing and relaxing and that seemed to literally almost get him in some trouble recently.  The El Paso Times is reporting that while have a meal at a West Side taco establishment, Trout was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication early Tuesday.

Trout gave a statement on the matter.

“We were sitting at a table at Taco Cabana (7800 N. Mesa), eating our food and a fight broke out at a table next to ours,” Trout said Wednesday afternoon, taking a brief break from a training session. “The police officer said I was involved and I told him I don’t fight for free. It’s funny. They arrested everyone who wasn’t involved in the fight.

“The police officer said I was intoxicated,” Trout said. “I told him I wasn’t. He said he could smell it on my breath and I asked to take a breathalyzer and he said he didn’t have to give me one. They just held me for the required time, I paid a booking fee ($105 bond) and I was released. It was all just a mistake.”

El Paso Police records show the 27-year-old Trout was arrested at 4:30 a.m., booked and released the same day.  El Paso Police say when they arrived people were inside the establishment yelling, and they saw food, chairs, and drinks being thrown.

Police say restaurant employees then pointed out Trout and three others when asked who was involved.

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