Autopsy Shows Cowboys Jerry Brown Jr. Was Sober At the Time of Fatal Crash

Jerry J Brown

According to Dallas Morning News, Brown’s blood alcohol level was 0.056 and the legal limit in Texas is 0.08. Brent’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Neither Brown nor Brent were wearing their seat belts at the time of the fatal crash.

Always remember if you are sober and your friend is drunk, offer to drive even if that means taking their keys. Don’t get into a car with anyone who is intoxicated and always wear your seat belt.

Brent has been officially charged with intoxication manslaughter.

2 thoughts on “Autopsy Shows Cowboys Jerry Brown Jr. Was Sober At the Time of Fatal Crash

  • I DON”T mean to be Rude or Insensitive but WHY WOULD ANYONE allow themself to be driven by A DRUNKEN FOOL becuz from the DELAYED Alcohol-Tests Dude still blew A RECORD-LEVEL —-> I’m VERY INTOXICATED and HAVE NO BUSINESS DRIVING!!!!!

    I GUESS I’ll be in the MINORITY regarding this but I Put MUCH MORE VALUE On My Life than to put myself in that situation Though (Real…) If DUDE wouldn’t have allowed me to drive his car then I would’ve taken a cab home (FUCK THAT Foolishness…) SMDH

    • I often wondered why an individaul would drink intill they can no longer walk straight.The same individual will then attempt to put keys in the car and fail.Upon completetion of the latter task.They will then try to drive.If you can not walk are stand up straight.What makes you think you can drive?

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