Brent Musburger Doesn’t Think His Gushing Over Katherine Webb Was Wrong (Video)

brent musburger-katherine webb

By now everyone in America has had the opportunity to listen to ESPN commentator Brent Musburger gush over the heavenly looks of AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb.

Webb thanks to Musburger hijacked the BCS Championship game, and became an overnight sensation.  ESPN eventually apologized to Webb and anyone else Musburger may have offended.

Webb for her part said she wasn’t offended and didn’t think it was a big deal.  Musburger for his part had yet to speak, until a TMZ reporter was able to catch up Brent in the Palm Beach, Florida airport on Tuesday.

Musburger was asked if he felt his comments towards Webb were inappropriate, Musburger answered “no.”  He indicated that he had not spoken with Webb, and feels as if she would have become famous all on her own.

When asked about ESPN’s apology, Musburger was forthcoming in his honesty that the network did it to appease critics.

“Individuals say what individuals say, and corporations do what corporations do. Obviously, they felt it was the right thing for them to do.”

Musburger was involved in a similar situation Monday night when he allegedly referred to sideline reporter Holly Rowe as “Smokin.”


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