Browns Website Still Shows Mike Holmgren, Fired Coach and Gm as Apart of Organization

Browns website 1

While the Cleveland Browns fired head coach Pat Shurmur and general manager Tom Heckert Monday, and Mike Holmgren resigned weeks ago, on the teams website it still shows them as having jobs.

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Now it’s common that once you get fired you are paid the remainder of your salary, however most teams once they fire someone immediately remove anything referring to them on team websites, Facebook, etc.

Nonetheless, Browns fan shouldn’t feel bad, their not the only team to forget that they fired their coach Monday as well. The Bears still have Lovie Smith listed as their head coach as well.

Bears Website

In my estimation, the only team to handle this write is the Buffalo Bills. According to their site, they don’t have a coach for any position, its all ‘to be determined’.

Bills website

Most successful people are great when it comes to handling the minor details. Updating the team website would be one of those things I consider a minor, but important detail. It’s a place any one in the world can go to get information on your team. Hopefully the Browns and Bears will handle the coaching hires with more attention to detail than they did with their teams website.


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  • You spelled right wrong. Minor details….

  • You need to hire an editor if you want to be taken seriously and bring your material to the next level. The grammar and spelling mistakes are elementary at best.

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