Bruins Fans Beware Of The Chicken Nuggets At The Garden (VIDEO)

boston bruins fan

Bad things are just piling on for Boston sports fans. In addition to the Patriots losing the AFC Championship and Doc Rivers threatening the Celtics, the only team that’s not having a bad week is the Bruins and Red Soxs. However, the Bruins had an awkward televised moment this week.

During the beginning of the second quarter, the camera man was filming the crowd when he stopped on a young Bruins fan. He took a bite out of what appears to be a chicken nugget, and then stares at it while making the funniest face. After pulling an unknown object off of his food he shrugs it off and continues to eat.

There is nothing like a concession stand chicken nugget. Not the most sanitary, but for some reason they continue to get our business even with their overpriced nachos.

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  • Hockey games have 3 periods NOT quarters!

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