BSO Interview: Nuggets Corey Brewer Discusses His Role in Movie 43

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Corey Brewer is a two time National Champion, has played six years in the NBA , and can now add Actor to his long list of accomplishments. Brewer sat down with us to discuss his role in “Movie 43”, his life outside of basketball, and his plans after he hangs up his jersey.

BSO: So you play a basketball player in one of the short-films in Movie 43, How did they approach you to be in the movie?

Brewer:  “Relatively sports agency, the agency did the casting for the movie and asked if I’d like to be in it.”

BSO: Have you done any acting before this or was this your first time?

Brewer: “First time, to be on set with Terrance Howard and see him, I was like wow! I’ve seen him in Hustle and Flow and other movies, so it was cool.”

BSO: How was it working with Terrance Howard?

Brewer: “I learned a lot from him, just the way he moves. He was hilarious. ”

BSO: How was it on set, how would you describe your experience?

Brewer: “You can’t really laugh, everything is funny and you’re trying not to laugh on camera, but it’s hard. I had a great time filming.”

BSO: You’ve won 2 National Championships, what’s more nerve racking Championship games or acting?

Brewer: “I was more nervous stepping on set and seeing Terrance Howard. I always played basketball, I had won a title before, so I wasn’t really nervous.”

BSO: This was a comedic skit in “Movie 43”, who would you say is the funniest teammate you’ve had in your career?

Brewer: “Man, I’ve been on a few teams… I don’t know there’s a lot of funny guys.” “Jo (Joakim Noah) is definetly one of the funniest, his antics are what make him funny.”

BSO: Is acting something you look forward to pursuing after your NBA career is done?

Brewer: “This was my first movie, but I would definitely look into movies after I’m done.”

BSO: How do you find time to act and pursue other endeavors outside of basketball?

Brewer: “ It’s tough, mostly have to do it in the summer. There’s no way to do these type of things in-season. ”

BSO: The NBA schedule requires a lot of traveling; have you set aside time to watch the movie with your family or teammates?

Brewer: “I’m trying to plan something for me and the guys (Nuggets teammates) to see it when it comes out, I’m working on it.”

Brewer is joined in the movie by fellow NBA players Larry Sanders and Jared Dudley. “Movie 43” is in theaters today nationwide.

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