Caption the Photo: Johnny Manziel, White Tee, Bottles, Male Groupies and Blondes


Johnny Manziel Partying

The homie Johnny Football is living a charmed life. After winning some money at the casino and calling out his haters he hit the club according to Deadspin.

Johnny Manziel Drinking

Manziel was spotted out at  Avenue Nightclub in Houston, also known as 4500 Washington Avenue.  It is an over 21 club (Manziel is 20), but when you are the Heisman Trophy winner they make exceptions.

Rumble Young Football, Rumble…

Johnny Manziel Partying 2


  1. It’s Avenu Lounge, and its in dallas bro. Can’t wait till this kid ends up like J. Thiesmann, hopefully it happens before he ever reaches the NFL…… NOT a fan of douche bags like this, have some class

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