Caption The Photo: Patriots Stevan Ridley Rocks Rainbow Moon Boots

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Who doesn’t love a confident man? I would be shocked if you found me someone who didn’t, and it appears nowadays athletes are showing they are confident in their own skin by dressing in outlandish garments.

With that being said do you think Ridley would approach Beyonce in that?


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New England Patriot running back Stevan Ridley was ready for blast off to Rainbow Land from the looks of his new outfit. Dressed in rainbow moon boots, gold studded backpack, and a blue jumpsuit Ridley spoke with NESN.

“It’s Boston, man. This is my stay-warm outfit.”

This is what happens when Mississippi meets Boston, disaster. However this isn’t Ridley’s first jumpsuit, but he sure did take it to new extremes with this one. As long as he is still rushing for 1,265 yards I doubt Patriots fans will make a fuss, but they may have a chuckle or two.

stevan ridley moon boots


5 thoughts on “Caption The Photo: Patriots Stevan Ridley Rocks Rainbow Moon Boots

  • Those boots are flippin’ SWEET!

  • Rainbow Brite Lives On!!

  • Trying to tell us something with the rainbows?

    • Yeah, that he’s way more comfortable with his sexuality than you.

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