Carmelo Anthony Waits to Fight Kevin Garnett Outside of Celtics Team Bus (Video)


Carmelo Anthony Bus

We know Carmelo isn’t going to fight anyone and KG is the biggest studio gangster in the NBA, but this is entertaining. Sort of like with the Basketball Wives fight.

First the video that led to Melo being heated.

After the game Melo apparently wanted to fight KG, which was captured on video and confirmed by various sources.

More funny than anything else. There are a few tough guys in the NBA, but  Melo and KG aren’t part of that group. I would give Melo a slight edge if they had to throw hands.



  1. This article’s a joke. There’s no video of Melo waiting by the bus and he never got ejected. Melo over KG in a fight? Give me a break..

  2. Are you kidding me ? KG is probably the toughest NBA player out there. If Melo and him were to fight, KG would destroy hom

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