Chad Johnson Still Making Close to a Million a Year, According to Child Support Documents

OchoCinco Dollarnaire 2

When you brand yourself you have a better opportunity to not be on ESPN 30 for 30 Broke when your playing career is over. Also if you keep your expenses down and debt non existent the majority of the money you make post career becomes profit.

Take the artist formally knows as Ochocinco. One of his baby mamas is trying to have her child support increase, so Chad had to fork over some financial statements.

Take a look courtesy of Jocks and Stiletto Jill.

Chad takes in $66,104.66 per month in 2011- hmmm I wonder what his salary was for 2012. Chad says he earned his cash through ”self-employment, partnerships, and/or independent contracts.”
Check the rest of the breakdown:

– $1.28 million in real estate assets
– $600,000 in cars
– $75,000 worth of furniture
– $40,000 in jewelry oh and a key point in all of this. Very little debt! Good job Chad, I can relate to that.

His expenses:

– $16,000 a month in child support
– $5,000 monthly on entertainment
– $3,500 on clothes
– $1,000 on pet expenses
– $250 on personal “grooming”

If you are making $66k a month and only spending $25k a month, that is how you stay off Dr. Phil.  If Chad can make some money from his sex tape profits may end up being even higher.