Charlotte Bobcats Survey Fans About Name Change

 Charlotte Hornets


Will the Hornets return to Charlotte?

Now that the New Orleans Hornets have officially announced that they will be changing their name to the New Orleans Pelicans, (State bird or not, I’m still scratching my head at that one) the Charlotte Bobcats have wasted no time gauging fans interest in changing their name back to the Charlotte Hornets.

The NBA team has hired market research company, Harris Interactive, to survey current Bobcats season ticket holders and the Charlotte sports community as a whole about a possible name change.  The bottom line question is:

“If the Bobcats were to change their nickname to the ‘Hornets,’ would you attend more games than you currently do, attend fewer games, or attend about the same amount?”

 A name change would cost the franchise approximately $3 million dollars, and although the Charlotte Hornets bring a feeling of nostalgia associated with their hay days in the nineties,  the bottom line is will that feeling drive ticket sales.

One thought on “Charlotte Bobcats Survey Fans About Name Change

  • Being from NC and having spent a lot of time around Charlotte I can tell you that the team would be received much better with a name change. People around the city not only disliked Bob Johnson but resented the fact that the team was named after him. That is on top of the fact the Bobcats is a stupid name, the colors sucks and you have a history of a VERY successful Hornets franchise attendance wise.

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