Chip Kelly Is Meeting With Several QB’s At Senior Bowl

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-South Practice

New Philadelphia Eagles head coach is still looking for an offensive coordinator to call his fast paced offense, but today Kelly is in Mobile, Alabama possibly trying to find a quarterback of the future to run that offense.

Around The League is reporting that Kelly is definitely chit chatting and talking to any quarterback he feels could fit his system.

Kelly first met with former Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib.

“That was cool as hell,” Nassib told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday after sitting down with the newly-hired Eagles coach.

Of course we should never make much of coaches and organizations meeting with players during the Senior Bowl.  It’s apart of the process that goes on in Mobile and at the Combine.

Some of the other notable quarterbacks Kelly is expected to meet with include Oklahoma Sooners Landry Jones, N.C. States Mike Glennon, EJ Manuel of Florida State, and Zac Dysert of Miami of Ohio.

Some say Landry Jones might be the best match with his skill set coming from an offense with some similarities, such as the no huddle, and spread formations.

The question would be is Jones mobile enough to survive in the system, but I would have to think he’s more mobile than Nick Foles right now.

Kelly has three or four choices here.  He can get Michael Vick to renegotiate his contract and go with the best athletic option available to him.

Kelly can reach for Geno Smith if he’s available at pick 4 and hope he can run the system and play like a top five selection.  Kelly can also stick with Foles, and grab a more athletic system oriented quarterback in round two or 3 such as EJ Manuel.