Chip Kelly Meets With Denard Robinson


Chip Kelly is bringing a fast, fluid offense with him to Philadelphia, and with that comes the need for fast fluid players.  Philly Mag is reporting that Kelly and Michigan qb/wr Denard Robinson had a nice long conversation at the Senior Bowl.

Kelly who recruited Robinson to Oregon has a soft spot for shoelace.

“I talked to Chip. I talked to him for a while,” said Robinson. “It was good. He told me he came down to Deerfield Beach to recruit me. He was like, ‘I wish you would have came [to Oregon].’ But it all worked out.”

Robinson who understands he won’t get the chance to play quarterback at the next level is blessed to be in the position he’s in right now.

“How many quarterbacks get the chance to go out there and play a little bit after they hurt their throwing arm? I was fortunate,” he said. “God blessed me with a talent where I can keep going, and I am going to use it.

“Everything happens for a reason. I think it was a blessing that it happened for me. I had an opportunity where I could get back and run a little bit, and I’m quick enough to play receiver so I took it and ran with it. That’s what I want to do now.”

Robinson does have a place in the league if he can shore up a few things, and I’m sure Kelly can find a number of ways to use him.