Chris Bosh Says Been a Hall of Fame Lock For Years

Chris Bosh Face

Chris Bosh didn’t just say he was a lock Hall of Famers, he said he was lock even before he relocated to South Beach and got a ring.

I think Bosh is a very underrated player, but these comments seem a little far fetched right now.  Here is what he told  Chris Tomasson of FOX Sports Florida about his Hall of Fame chances.

“Hell, yeah, of course. I’ve been a Hall of Famer like four years ago,” the Miami Heat center told FOX Sports Florida after Friday’s 110-88 win over Detroit. “And I say that very serious, though. I’ve talked about it before with my friends.”

I believe right at this moment unlike Wade and Bron, Bosh isn’t a Hall of Famer, but his career is far from over.  If the Heat go on a run of 3 or 4 titles, then it probably will be a lock.

The part about four years ago is a stretch, right now he would be a fringe Hall of Famer with the capacity to lock himself in with another 4 or 5 strong seasons.