Christian Ponder Shows Media Severely Bruised Arm, He Was Not Faking (Photo)

ponder biceps

The Vikings were pretty much dominated by the Green Packers Saturday night in the NFC Divisional Round.  The story of the weekend was Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and his inability to play. 

Many pundits, Vikings fans and those on social media questioned the validity of Ponders injury, and spent most of the evening clowning Ponder, and harassing his wife Samantha Steele-Ponder.

The Vikings lost of course, Joe Webb was terrible and by the end of the evening, people were clamoring to have Ponder back.

Larry Brown Sports via Shari L. Gross via the Star-Tribune, displayed a photo that showed Ponder allowing reporters to see his severely bruised bicep.

ponder bicep

I told you he wasn’t faking.  No seriously though, Ponder is the Vikings quarterback, he’s improving, and after seeing Joe Webb Saturday night, fans need to appreciate him.