Clay Matthews Says Adrian Peterson Won’t Run For 200 Yards Again Against Packers

Clay Matthews

The Packers are talking to the talk, but will they be able to walk the walk? Honestly, it shouldn’t be that hard to stop a running back from hitting 200 yards.

The 200 yard mark on the ground is a tough thing to do, if the Packers want to impress me they should say they are going to hold Peterson under 100 yards, but I digress.

“We aren’t giving up 200 again,” Matthews said Wednesday.

“We want to take (Peterson) out of the mix. That’s definitely the game plan,” Matthews said. “If we can limit those carries and force Ponder to beat us, then that’s the game plan we’re going to play. We need to do a better job of stopping the run, and we will do that. And that will help us get after the quarterback.”