Club Owner Says Johnny Manziel Didn’t Underage Drink At Club

Johnny Manziel Drinking

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has caught a little flak in the past few days after pictures surfaced of him gambling in a casino, and more important, photos surfaced of him in a club with bottles of Dom Perignon, and women around him. 

TMZ is reporting that any questions about Manziel and underage drinking can be thrown out the window, because if the 20 year Manziel did have a drink that night, because he was with his mother, under Texas law, Manziel was fine.

As it was previously reported Johnny Manziel did indeed hit up Avenu Lounge nightclub on both Friday and Saturday after leading Texas A&M to a victory in the Cotton Bowl.

Well in Texas as I said, it is ok for someone under the age of 21 to drink if they are with a parent or a guardian who consents. The owner of Avenu nightclub confirms that Johnny Football was with his mother both nights.

The owner also stated that he did not see Manziel drinking from Dom Perignon, and in fact it belonged to someone who had a VIP table near the DJ booth.

Well that clears that up.