Colin Kaepernick Delivers 15 Pizzas To San Francisco Media


Colin Kaepernick’s first significant interaction with a media personality was not a delightful one, after an AOL Sporting News columnist questioned Kapernick’s ability as a quarterback to be a sound leader because of his tattoos.  

Kaepernick brushed the hate off and has led his 49ers team to the Super Bowl.  Kaepernick must have a good rapport with the San Francisco media, because Yahoo Sports is reporting that Kaepernick in a gesture of good will and thanks I would assume, ordered 15 pizzas and had them delivered to the San Francisco media.

Kaepernick-pizza-San Francisco-media


The pizza, as Kawakami of the Mercury News reports, was from Pizza My Heart. He called it a “unique thing,” and yes, I can’t remember a NFL quarterback feeding the team’s media before.


Classy move by Kaepernick and wise considering that at somepoint in his career he may need that same media to be easy on him.