Cowboys Fan Lebron James Is Now A Diehard 49ers Fan

bso cowboys fan lebron james now a niners fan

Lebron James has always been very vocal about his love of the Dallas Cowboys. He frequently tweets out pictures of himself wearing their jersey and propped in front of the TV watching the games. So it comes as a comical surprise when Lebron is now suddenly all things red, white and gold.

James has been passionate about his new found team, even getting testy in a tweet after Sunday’s games in regards to those who doubted Harbaugh’s QB change.

Wanna know where all them damn so call know it all(critics) who said Coach Harbaugh was insane for starting Kaepernick over Smith #SuperBowl

Lebron is staunchly ‘Team Kap’ over Alex Smith, and is unapologetic about it–despite the fact the so-called ‘controversy’ was practically put to rest 3 weeks ago.

Lebron will also be having a ‘huge’ Super Bowl party in both Miami and Cleveland if the 49ers are victorious, King James tweeted out:

49ers win the SuperBowl we having a HUGE champions party with@DonteWhitner @TedGinnJr_19 and Me in Miami and of course in Cleveland!!

Now to be fair, the Cowboys have been down and out in recent years, so can we really blame the poor guy for latching onto a new team to root for?  Also, Ginn and Whitner both went to The Ohio State University, so there is your Ohio connection.  So you decide if Lebron is part of the Lil Wayne Bandwagon institute