DeMarcus Cousins Ejected Shoves Vince Carter in the Face (Video)

DeMarcus Cousins

Where do you begin with DeMarcus Cousins? He has the potential to be a star studded athlete, who has the capabilities to dominate his position, but the story is still the same for Cousins.

Down by two points with 40 seconds remaining in overtime, Cousins was tripled team then stripped of the ball. During this moment you either foul, or get back on defense. Simple, but Cousins had a different plan to win the game.  Shove Vince Carter in the face. Yes hand to the face.

It wasn’t an accident. There was no flop or acting by Vince Carter. This was DeMarcus Cousins being DeMarcus Cousins. He lost control. It appears he realized it immediately by trying to grab Carter and keep his balance up. However the damage was done, your hand made contact with another man’s face.

The original call was a flagrant one, but was overturned and called a flagrant two resulting in Cousins being ejected from the game.

Cousins is starting to become the Ndamukong Suh of the NBA, and if my magic eight ball is correct he should be expecting yet another fine from the league real soon.

2 thoughts on “DeMarcus Cousins Ejected Shoves Vince Carter in the Face (Video)

  • Vince Carter DIDNT FLOP? LMFAO, are you blind?

  • Cousins “hit” him in the right side of the face, and as Carter SLOWLY falls down from this GRAZING he is holding the opposite side of his face where contact was made. Bravo Carter. He should be fined for flopping/acting.

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