Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Hurt Himself Doing the Ray Lewis Dance

Michael Hancock Ray Lewis

It is a pretty intricate dance, so if you don’t warm up properly you could hurt yourself. The Denver Mayor lost a bet to the Baltimore Mayor and was suppose to do the dance, but came up lame according to Denver Post via Cosby Sweaters.

“The mayor’s spokeswoman Amber Miller says he was hurt ‘during pre-game warm-ups.’

Hancock is ‘expected to be on the field in the second half, ready to carry out the game plan and fulfill his end of the wager,’ she said.”

Sounds more like a Vince Carter injury if you smell what the Rock is cooking.


The office of the Mayor contacted me to say that this was just a joke people took too far, but the Mayor is actually injured. He wasn’t injured doing the Ray Lewis dance, but tore his quadricep at a National Western Stock Show event while coming off stage. His cowboy boot got caught in the stairs causing him to fall.

But, they have assured me that he will fulfill his wager when fully healthy.