Devin Hester: Retirement Talk has “Nothing to do with Lovie Smith Getting Fired”


When the news came out yesterday that Lovie Smith was fired as coach of the 10 win Chicago Bears, star return man and wide receiver let it be known that he was contemplating retirement.

Today, he took to twitter to clarify that while he is considering stepping away from the game, it had nothing to do with his coach being fired.

I know irrational sports fans will call him names and say he is a wuss and all in his feelings, but if he does indeed step away from the game, you have to commend a guy for not doing something he heart isnt into anymore.

I would venture a guess that if you asked NFL guys, a lot of them would probably say they don’t enjoy playing football. Of course, none of them would say that publicly, because then they have no heart or some other B.S. attribute fans assign them.