Doc Rivers Submits Video To NBA Saying Refs Screwed Celtics (VIDEO)

Doc Rivers Sends Video NBA

According to Comcast SportsNet New England, Celtics coach Doc Rivers will submit a video of the crucial play that the officials ruled a jump ball against the Chicago Bulls on Friday night to the league.

The Celtics were up by two points with possession of the ball and twelve seconds left in regulation, when a game-altering call was made. Paul Pierce appeared to draw a foul against the Bulls, but the referee blew a whistle calling a jump bull instead. The Bulls were able to gain possession of the ball, and ended up beating the Celtics by one point in overtime 100-99. In addition to the no call on the foul to Pierce, Rivers also believes there was a timeout signaled by Rondo before the jumpball was called.

“(Pierce) was fouled, there’s no doubt about that,” Rivers said prior to Saturday’s practice. “I also thought if you watch it, Rondo absolutely called a timeout and it’s clear. He was literally an inch away from Marc Davis’ face and did it twice. And then you can see Sean Corbin’s hand go up for a jumpball. So it was clear that, in my opinion, he was fouled, number one. And number two, we got the timeout and it wasn’t called.”

Rivers also alluded to the fact last season, Celtic point guard Rajon Rondo, was suspended one game for bumping referee Marc Davis, but he doesn’t think that impacted the game. However it is interesting the  Davis was next to Rondo, so he should have notice the signal for timeout. Maybe the TD Gardens was just really loud at that moment.

“I hope there’s never any grudges and stuff like that being held,” he said. “It is a human game, and so you do know that. I think our league is better than that.”

Sort of ironic Rivers is submitting a video to the league, after an Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry submitted a video resulting in a one game suspension for Rondo. However, video evidence or not this will not change the outcome of the game. Ray Charles could see that Pierce was fouled, but the Celtics could have won in overtime but instead they handed the Bulls a win on their home court.

Take this shot on the chin and roll with the punches.