Dr. Phil to Interview Manti Te’o Fake Dead BF/GF Ronaiah Tuiasosopo

Terrell Owens Dr. Phil

Last time I watched Dr. Phil is when Terrell Owens was on. That didn’t turn out too well for T.O., but according to TMZ the good Doctor who isn’t a licensed Doctor will get first crack at the man behind the alleged Manti Te’o Hoax Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Phil and Ronaiah sat together for several hours yesterday in L.A., where they discussed Manti’s interview with Katie Couric … after watching the entire interview together.

According to sources, Phil’s interview with Ronaiah is “emotional and deep.” It’s expected to air some time next week.

Whatever Tuiasosopo says will probably determine what happens next for Manti Te’o. If Tuiasosopo says that Te’o was not involved at all, I think even though there will be questions people will just start to move on to other things.

If Tuiasosopo says some sort of bombshell it could open up a whole other can of worms.

Stay tuned the rabbit hole may get deeper.

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