Dwight Howard Says He’s Sick of All the Negativity

Kobe Bryant Dwight Howard Fighting

I wonder why Dwight wouldn’t say this to Kobe when Bean ask him did he have a problem with him? Kobe is saying the Lakers should have more attitude while Dwight saying the team is too negative.

Who is right and who is wrong?

“Negativity just got to stop,” Howard said via ESPN after the team’s shootaround Friday. “I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of hearing about all the negative stuff. It’s a big problem.

Negativity is just not good. We got to bring some positivity to this situation, to everybody.” “I’m just talking about negativity in general,” Howard said. “That’s like a dark cloud, and the more you feed into the negativity, the bigger it gets. So, we have to change that and we have to believe.”

Lakers are doing a lot of talking, will need to do a lot of winning to secure a playoff spot.

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