Emmitt Smith Is Frustrated With Cowboys, Says Jerry’s Not The Problem



Emmitt Smith is the NFL’s all time leading rusher and probably the main catalyst for 3 Super Bowl championships.  The Cowboys haven’t won a playoff game let alone a championship since the late 90’s,and Smith has had enough.

Smith told the Dallas Morning News that the Cowboys frustrate and disappoint him.  He surprisingly left owner Jerry Jones off the list of disappointment.

“I think it’s very wrong, because at the end of the day, Jerry Jones is an owner and he has the right to do whatever he wants to do with that ballclub,” Smith said on KTBB-FM in Dallas, via The Dallas Morning News

Smith who only knows winning as a Cowboy blames the teams inconsistent nature to their lack of success.

“I know that they’re working hard, but I can’t put my finger on why they cannot turn the corner,” Smith said. “Injuries are something that can plague any team. For us, we’ve had our share of it. It’s frustrating to see that they have so much talent on that football field, yet they cannot come together and execute at the level that they need to execute at for a long period of time. And what I mean by a long period of time, I mean the entire football season.

“Consistency is one of the hallmarks of my career. You knew what you were going to get out of E-Smith every game, every year, no matter if I was 22, 21 or 35 years old. And that’s something I look for in every team. Unfortunately for our team, it’s almost like a roller-coaster ride.”

I know Cowboy fans are going to snap after reading this.

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