ESPN 1st Take Debates Could Tebow Have Led 49ers to Super Bowl; This Really Happened

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This screenshot came across my Twitter TL courtesy of @NFLDraftScout and just confirms I made the right decision when I stopped watching 1st Take many months ago.

I don’t begrudge anyone who watches the show, I don’t pay your cable bill you are free to watch whatever you like.  I just find it amazing that they waste time on a quarterback who might not even be in the NFL next year, when there are much more relevant storylines available.

Nothing personal against Tebow who has won a playoff game andfigured out a way to win in the NFL when giving the opportunity, but if teams truly thought he could get them to the Super Bowl he wouldn’t be staring at unemployment.

Just using the screenshot, it is ludicrous to think Tebow could have led the 49ers to Super Bowl.  He is nowhere near the passer or runner as Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick.

Skip saying he could be successful running the spread option is also false.  All of the successful spread/read options quarterbacks in the NFL are exceptional passers.  They are quarterbacks who can run, not running quarterbacks.  Tebow can’t pass, he couldn’t pass when he was with Denver, so running the spread or pistol wouldn’t work for him.  You have to have that threat of the pass.

But, this is what ESPN has turned into, so we shouldn’t be surprised.  If Rob Parker was still on he would be calling Tebow a Cornball Christian.

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