ESPN Apologizes For Brent Musberger Lusting Over AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend



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Brent caused the internet to go nuts, by lusting over AJ McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb on live television and now ESPN has apologized for his actions, which you can watch in the video below.

Here is what ESPN had to say.

Brent Musberger Katherine Webb


  1. apologize???for what?namath needed to aplogize….marv albert needed to apologize…brent gushing over a 22 yr old on air is pretty cute…shh granpa..theres kids around”…perhaps if they took all the moronic dribbling geezers and wheeled them back to their quiet little homes we wont have to see any of holz, the aforementioned “i look good in pink satin” albert, and the rest of them..its a young mans game…apologize….for what?

  2. Went too far? Are u kidding me? That was absolutely hysterical and one of the best moments of the night! C’mon ESPN, lighten up! Way to go Brent! Thanks for adding some great moments to a night when everything else was not very exciting at all! Yes, she is hot! What’s wrong with him saying so?

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