ESPN Fires Rob Parker


Rob Parker RG3 Cornball Brother

Now, Rob Parker will have plenty of time to spend in the Barbershop and talk sports with the rest of the unemployed sports experts.  Here is the problem with Rob Parker.

Even though he has been fired several times for saying ignorant and inappropriate things, he never learns his lesson.  ESPN gave him a life raft by not firing him when he called RG3 a cornball brother.  All he had to do is be quiet for 30 days and he would have gotten his job back, but he just had to say something.

He goes out and compares RG3 to OJ Simpson.

I don’t like for anyone to be fired, but when someone makes the same mistakes over and over again, I feel no sympathy for them.

That just makes them a cornball.


  1. I didnt like that cat anyhow. Instead of being happy that a black QB has breathed life into my Redskins, he put him down like dat. HTTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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