ESPN Jemele Hill Shares Racist Hate Mail Letter


By now, it is not uncommon for people to take to social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook and express their hate, bigotry and general. Some of our biggest stories in 2012 involved twitter gangsters going after athletes with racist slurs and even death threats for performance on the field. (Or on the ice as in the case of hockey player Joel Ward)

Although it is inexcusable, there is probably a percentage of those people who aren’t klansmen, just angry fans who allow their underlying racism bubble to the top through an easy outlet. Given time to think about it, most of those people probably wouldn’t tweet their racist thoughts, just keep them to themselves or share within their circle.

But then you have the guy who sent ESPN’s Jemele Hill the following letter. It takes time to think out and write a hand written letter, it takes time to find an envelope and put a stamp on it and walk it to your mailbox. This is well thought out hatred and bigotry. Don’t know details, but I wouldnt be surprised if it wasn’t signed and sent with no return address.

I salute Jemele for putting this guy out there to show the world that there is still people out there who take the time to express their hate. Interestingly she notes that most of the hand written letter she receives are racist.

8 thoughts on “ESPN Jemele Hill Shares Racist Hate Mail Letter

  • The irony Elove is you’re just as rasict as the dumb hillbilly who wrote that letter to Jemele Hill. Ive read your posts and your hatred is as strong as this hillybilly.

    Jemele Hill is a talented sports personality, but sadly she attracts these assholes, because she talks about race far to often.

    You know why racism is not an issue in Canada? Why in Montreal we cheered Jackie Robinson when white America spit on him?

    It is because we respect great individuals regardless of colour, and we ignore racist morons, both in person and national tv. Racism is strong in the USA because ESPN and FOXNEWS want it to be. Racism sells viewers, and viewers bring money. Maybe if major news networks ignored these insignificant racist fools, and talked about actual sports, the racists of your nation wouldn’t be given such a grand stage to spread their hateful message and instead would be left to rot in the hole from which they came.

    The media can take 50% of the blame for racism in modern America as far as I am concerned.

  • canadian,
    How can you say “Racism is strong in the USA because ESPN and FOXNEWS want it to be”?.I do understand it is your opinion.However,no media outlet can make the people condone bigotry.The people are the driving force of all things.Long before ESPN are FOX existed racism was in breeded into the minds of white people world wide.The french were tolarable of negros but they did not accept us fully.The reason canda does not have a racist problem”in my opinion” is becuase most negros are fair skinned in canda.Can you please name a dark Candain who is famous.I have been to montreal and there is a lot of fair skinned negros.I think i was maybe the darkest.

  • She sounds so unintelligent. Every time she says something it just seems like she’s trying to create controversy. Very uninteresting commentator with very little creativity or intelligence. She also seems to always be yelling. Jesus Christ, calm down and try to not sound like a moron for once. Also, she does in fact kind of look like a gorilla. She’s just awful. Pity we need to exhibit this creature. Affirmative action at its finest. Shame on ESPN.

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