ESPN Jemele Hill Shares Racist Hate Mail Letter


By now, it is not uncommon for people to take to social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook and express their hate, bigotry and general. Some of our biggest stories in 2012 involved twitter gangsters going after athletes with racist slurs and even death threats for performance on the field. (Or on the ice as in the case of hockey player Joel Ward)

Although it is inexcusable, there is probably a percentage of those people who aren’t klansmen, just angry fans who allow their underlying racism bubble to the top through an easy outlet. Given time to think about it, most of those people probably wouldn’t tweet their racist thoughts, just keep them to themselves or share within their circle.

But then you have the guy who sent ESPN’s Jemele Hill the following letter. It takes time to think out and write a hand written letter, it takes time to find an envelope and put a stamp on it and walk it to your mailbox. This is well thought out hatred and bigotry. Don’t know details, but I wouldnt be surprised if it wasn’t signed and sent with no return address.

I salute Jemele for putting this guy out there to show the world that there is still people out there who take the time to express their hate. Interestingly she notes that most of the hand written letter she receives are racist.

8 thoughts on “ESPN Jemele Hill Shares Racist Hate Mail Letter

  • Sadly enough there are those kind of IDIOTS who still walk among us. Somewhere there is a Village missing theirs. I too have listened to Ms. Hill on ESPN Radio as well as on ESPN itself. I have found her commentary and on screen/air persona to be FANTASTIC. She always provides thought provoking commentary and even asks tough questions of our sport heros when the opportunity to do so arises. Simply put Ms. Hill is yet another shinig STAR on the “mothership”. I commend her for shinig a light on this type of garbage so all can see, yes we still have a way to go to rid our society of racism. Stay strong Ms. Hill!

    Hopefully you get a 100 to 1 ratio on good/supportive letters to every idiot with a crayon.We should all resolve to evolve in our lives each day everyday!

    Jack Stavely
    Mt. Juliet, Tn

  • This is an absolute disgrace and I am confident that with this one letter that makes it to the news there are millions more that have been sent to female and minority public figures without being publicized. As a white, male, right-leaning southern American (and every day reader of this blog) it is this type of ignorance that has given many of the things I associate with a bad name. I have enjoyed Jemele on ESPN in television, radio, print and podcast. As a big NBA fan she is one of the best NBA television personalities out there now.

  • This is really sick and misery at its finest, but also the sad reality of the world around us. I love Jemele on ESPN, she knows her stuff as a sports analyst and ia very inspiring. Glad that she put this coward on blast with his foolery.

  • So is anyone going to leak this douchebag’s dox so we can show him some Internet vigilante justice?

  • Doesn’t shock me ONE BIT but What Amazes Me is People ACTING LIKE RACIST INDIVIDUALS and/or RACISM isn’t commonplace here in the United States (REAL…) I mean WTF F-ing ROCK are Y’all living under to think this is Something Shocking or EVEN Surprising SMDH

    There are STILL WHITE People that you work with that SMILE IN YOUR FACE and Call you all kinds of NIGGER (Behind Your Back…) SMDH AGAIN!!!

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