ESPN’s Colin Cowherd says Russell Wilson is a Top 5 QB–Better than Drew Brees


BSO Colin Cowherd Russell Wilson

This is actually something I’d expect to hear from the likes of Mr. Skip Bayless. Colin Cowherd isn’t a stranger to his dubious opinions at times, but they are after all his opinions.

On Cowherd’s afternoon radio show on ESPN ‘The Herd’ he spent a lot of time heaping praise on rookie QB Russell Wilson. And to his credit, Wilson deserves that praise, despite the loss, but he’s had a remarkable season. Cowherd decided to one up all others by flat out proclaiming that Russell Wilson has now elevated himself to a top 5 Quarterback in the NFL, even better in some regards than Drew Brees.

I don’t know why I have to wait to say that I think the guy is a top 5-6 Quarterback in the League…He’s Drew Brees, with a better arm and better feet.

Do you Agree?


  1. Cowlin,
    Wait 6yrs & if Russell has a SB ring with the Seahawks if he’s still with them, then come back & say how better he is than Breesus. Did you forget about Cam Newton’s 2nd year with the Panthers?

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