Ex NFL QB Ryan Leaf Kicked Out Of Drug Treatment Center; Sent Back to Jail


Ryan Leaf was a bust as an NFL quarterback, and now it seems he can’t hack it in rehab either.  NFL.com is reporting that Leaf was kicked out of a Central Montana drug treatment center, and moved  to the state prison in Deer Lodge.

The Regional probation and parole administrator Dawn Handa said that Leaf was booted from the Nexus Treatment Center after violating the conditions of the placement, and threatening a staff member.

Leaf was previously charged with breaking into two houses and stealing prescription painkillers. He pleaded guilty to burglary and criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

He was sentenced last June to five years with the Department of Corrections who recommended that he spend the first nine months in a locked drug treatment facility.

Leaf also faces the revocation of a 10-year probationary sentence for a 2010 drug and burglary conviction in Texas.