Fan Wants To Offer $1 Million To LeBron To Compete In Dunk Contest


Sports fans always have ideas about how they can change a sport, or make something they want to see happen, and sometimes that’s the beauty of sports as a whole.

Take for example NBA fan Chris Thomas.  Thomas of Newport Beach, California, and a few friends normally sit around at happy hour, have a few cocktails and talk about how the NBA Slam Dunk contest is putrid at this point in its existence.

Between the jumping over cars, turning down the lights, and neon jerseys, people are tired of seeing it.  Thomas and friends would like to see LeBron James participate in it.

James who used to talk about one day competing has shied away as he’s gotten older and a little more banged up.  The New York Daily News is reporting that Thomas and friends were sitting around and simply came up with an idea, “The conversation evolved and it got to ‘How much would you pay to see (Lebron) in the dunk contest.’ ” 

So Thomas came up with the idea of raising $1 million to donate to the LeBron James Family Foundation, and in return, get King James to participate in the dunk contest one time.

Thomas remembered hearing James once say he’d consider it for $1 million and so he got with the folks over at, and made it happen.

When asked how such a task is legit, Thomas stated the project has a mission statement that reads loud and clear.

if the fund-raising goal isn’t met, all the dough will be refunded. He’s even working with a third-party to handle the refunds. And if they fall short of the $1M goal, they’ll still offer whatever sum they do raise to King James’ foundation in exchange for his participation.

Thomas said there’s no downside for LeBron in this offer.

“There’s no downside. You donate money and the upside is, if you’re a fan of the dunk contest, you get to see LeBron participate and be part of a grassroots project that, hopefully, generates a lot of buzz,” Thomas says.

Th contest will be held in less than a month, so you can go to or search LeBron James and see if you can make it happen.

So far $1,673 has been raised.