Fans Brawl At The Pro Bowl, As AFC Players Watch (Video)

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC vs. AFC

Well yesterdays Pro Bowl between the AFC and NFC’s best players was more physical on the field and in the stands.  In this video courtesy of The Big Lead, a brawl breaks out in the stand on the AFC’s side of the field.

While the eleven players that were on the field were focused on their jobs, the guys on the bench got their moneys worth and had no problem turning around to check out the action.

Around the 20 second mark the action heats up, and a fan in the Andre Johnson Jersey starts putting his paws on people. The Fan in the Tebow jersey says no to violence and moves.

Another fan helps toss a guy onto the field. The police eventually get there to defuse the situation as they players never stopped watching.

This was a violent weekend in Honolulu.