Fight Breaks Out on the Track at the Hispanic Games (Video)


When have you ever seen a track event get violent? Athletes exchanging in nasty words with one another is common in any sport. However, I don’t think anyone expected a brawl during a track meet, but that is exactly what happened Saturday.

The Hispanic Games features thousands of runners from different high schools around the world, making the organization one of the largest track meets in the country. So when a fight broke out in New York, many people were in shock.

Fights have occurred during sports events before, but a fight at a track meet… I guess there is a first time for everything. Track is not a contact sport. You are supposed to be running “away” from the opponent, right? Every now and then players get tangled together, and batons fall down. One small misfortune can cost you the entire race. However, in this case it cost a young man a right hook paired with an all-out brawl from the opposing team. According to The Journals News Report, the fight was between two teams who were not yet competing. An investigation is underway to determine their punishment now.

On the official stream  however, the announcer doesn’t mention that the runners are even fighting. In a bizarre but remarkable fashion, he shifts his focus to the leader of the pack, simply ignoring the brawl taking place directly in front of him. The cameraman quickly follows his direction, zooming in on one of the runner so you won’t be able to witness how this brawl plays out in front of the public. Although the announcer seems unfazed by the chaos, the fans in the stands can be heard cheering in delight.

Let this be a lesson learned Never knock the baton out of your opponents hands or else. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt, these are high school students remember.