Floyd Mayweather’s Baby Mama Josie Harris to Be On Reality Show “Starter Wives”


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You may remember Josie as the woman who got into an altercation with Mayweather which led him to spending a couple of months in jail.

She is going to be on a new TLC reality show called ‘Starter Wives Confidential’. She was never married to Floyd, but as we know by now that means nothing with these reality shows.

Lamar Odom’s baby mama will be on the show as well.

During a Q&B session Josie pointed out that she has forgiven Floyd for putting his hands on her and they still have sex every couple of months even though he is engaged to Ms. Jackson.


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I am sure she will have a lot more to say about Ms. Jackson during the show. Will you watch?


    • ..these groupie gold diggers get 5G’s a show as taped.. that’s about 80-100G’s monthly for each reality star on average for reality shows earnings-more if the show’s ratings sky-rocket- so if there’s an audience for this type of stuff by ratings..they’re getting paid.

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