Former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli Opens Up About Witnessing Jovan Belcher’s Suicide

black sports online scott pioli speaks on jovan belcher suicide

For the first time former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli has opened up on the horrifying encounter he had back on December 1st.

USAToday recanted Pioli’s interview on the Dan Patrick Show

“Surreal doesn’t even do it justice,”

“The truth is, I haven’t made sense of it all,…I don’t know if any one of us that were there will ever make sense of it.”

Both Pioli and former head coach Romeo Crennel were at the scene of gruesome suicide. Belcher had driven the Chiefs’ facility and thanked both men for giving him an opportunity before he turned the gun on himself.

Pioli admits to having struggled with what he witnessed, but doesn’t consider himself a victim.

“The reality is i’m not unique,…This is happening all over our country. That’s the bigger picture you’ve got to start looking at as you try to get closure.”

Pioli was let go as the team’s GM and has since been hired by NBCSports