Former Florida QB Doug Johnson Charged With Assault After Severely Beating Man


Former Florida Gators quarterback Doug Johnson and 2 other men have been charged with assault after they allegedly beat a Jacksonville severely following an early season game against LSU.

The Gainesville Sun is reporting that Johnson and his 2 friends allegedly beat Joe Cappelletti so bad, that he blacked out a few times after the incident.

Cappelletti suffered a broken nose and numerous facial fractures. His friend, Ryan Forbus, suffered a cut to his eye and severe swelling on the left side of his face from repeated blows.

Gainesville police said the department filed the sworn complaint against Johnson and two others in November. The complaint against Johnson alleges felony battery.

An Attorney for Johnson says his group was attacked and they were acting in self-defense.

Cappelletti said that Johnson and his crew hopped out a truck that was following him after Florida had defeated LSU in Gainesville.

The attorney for the  victim says it was an unprovoked attack by Johnson and his friends.

“My clients suffered an unprovoked attack in front of a church at 1800 W. University Avenue on October 6, 2012, during which Doug Johnson was knocked unconscious. They, and the other members of their party, left the scene in an effort to provide a safer environment for their respective wives and girlfriends. They were pursued by their original attackers, and they lawfully defended themselves when attacked for a second time,” Finesilver said. “Based upon my investigation, which includes the interview of several independent witnesses, it is clear that my clients are the actual victims in this case.”