Former GM Charley Casserly Says Joe Flacco Is Not An Elite QB

casserly flacco elite quarterback

We get into the back and forth all the time about who is elite at their position and who is not.  Some would prefer the word elite, especially at the quarterback position be saved for the truly players.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco deals with a lot of pundits and skeptics on a daily basis regarding his status as a top quarterback in the game.

Flacco himself thinks he’s an elite player in the NFL.  According to USA Today, one former NFL general manager, and current CBS Sports analyst doesn’t feel the same about young Flacco.

Charley Casserly has been around the game for sometime, so he knows a little about football.  Casserly thinks Flacco is a “below elite level quarterback, who shouldn’t get paid top 5 money after an average season.”

“I look at Flacco like Matt Schaub, who got a (four-year, $62 million) deal in the $15 million range — that’s where this guy and Tony Romo should be,” Casserly told USA TODAY Sports. “Matt Ryan ascended this year. Joe Flacco didn’t. He’s not with the Aaron Rodgerses, Tom Bradys, Peyton Mannings.”

“He’s going to be their quarterback going forward. It’s just a question of whether they get a deal or franchise him,” he said.

I agree that Flacco did not have the greatest of regular seasons. He had a really solid regular season throwing for 3,817 yards, 22 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

He was also the 12th ranked passer in the game.   Flacco is that 8-13 range in terms of top quarterbacks, and that’s not a bad thing.