Free Agent Pitcher Carl Pavano Ruptured His Spleen Shoveling Snow

Carl Pavano Spleen

I don’t have $10 million, but I have enough money to pay the kid next door to shovel my driveway. I suggest going forward Pavano has someone doing the same thing for him.

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports the free agent pitcher suffered a ruptured spleen when he slipped and fell while shoveling snow on his driveway in Vermont.

He is going to be out 6-8 weeks and that will probably hurt his chances of getting on team before Spring Training.  Might as well just waited for the sun to come out.

Also make sure you are wearing the proper footwear when you are shoveling snow.  I saw an old lady trying to shovel with house shoes on and not surprisingly she fell.  She was ok and I got the neighbor’s kid to do her driveway as well.