George Karl Wants JaVale McGee To Play Like Tim Duncan

George Karl JaVale McGee Tim Duncan

Most NBA coaches want more out of their players on the court.  Denver Nuggets coach George Karl wants JaVale McGee to play like Tim Duncan, arguably the greatest NBA power forward of all-time.  How does Karl expect McGee to play like Duncan?  The answer may surprise you:

“I think he tries to be spectacular,” Karl said of McGee. “Basketball is a game of possession after possession of doing things the right way, doing your job and letting the spectacular. I think JaVale tries to find the spectacular and forces the spectacular when if you just let Andre Miller and Ty [Lawson], let us orchestrate the game, something big time will happen. But I just want him to be more Tim Duncan-like. I tell him I like Tim Duncan. I want Tim Duncan. That’s what I want.”

Karl doesn’t sound delusional when you put his analysis in context with his stated desire that JaVale McGee play more like Tim Duncan.  The best NBA players let the game come to them and only force the spectacular when the moment calls for it.

McGee isn’t the only western conference big man who should take Karl’s comments to heart.  Take notes Mike D’Antoni.