Giants Want Michael Strahan To Work With Jason Pierre-Paul

Giants want strahan to help pierre paul

Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul had an amazing 2011 season, finally living up to his lofty first round selection and posting 16.5 sacks.

Pierre-Paul regressed somewhat this season and only posted 6.5 sacks.  According to the New York Daily News, Giants general manager Jerry Reese wants Pierre-Paul to get some of his swag back, and he knows just who to call.

Reese told WFAN that he plans to reach out to former Giants great Michael Strahan to put in some work with Pierre-Paul.

“I’m going to reach out to Michael Strahan this offseason to see if we can have some conversations with JPP and just tell him, ‘Look, it’s inside your chest, a lot of it,’” Reese said, via the New York Daily News. “‘You’ve got to have the heart to do it.’ I think he does, but I think if he heard it from somebody like Michael Strahan, that would really encourage him.”

Reese hinted at the fact that Pierre-Paul grew frustrated with the constant double teams he had to face, but wants his young defensive end to understand that’s what comes with be a dominant player.

“After Michael became a superstar defensive end, he was getting double-teamed, he was getting chipped, but he was still getting sacks,” Reese said. “So the great ones still get through there and make plays. And he’s got to do that. He can’t give up, like ‘Wow, they’re double-teaming me, they’re triple-teaming me, they’re high-lowing me, they’re doing everything to me.’ That’s frustrating to a young player. But to be a superstar defensive end, a pass rusher in this league, you have to beat those double-team blocks.”