Highlighted First Down Marker Could Make Its Way To NFL Stadiums

First Down Line Could Make Its Way To NFL Stadiums

When watching a game on television, football lovers have grown accustomed to getting a little technological assistance in the form an imaginary line that highlights the first-down marker.  Now fans that watching the game in person may be privy to that same assistance.


Alan Amron, with the financial assistance of former NFL player and broadcaster Pat Summerall, have developed the First Down Laser System.  According to its website, the First Down Laser can be seen by everyone on the field, at home, and in the stadium from every angle.  

It also suggest that it will replace:

“The cumbersome implements of the chain gang, and provide players with a visible goal to strive for, preventing fumbles and injuries that often occur when a player’s attention is turned toward the sideline for first down markers.”

 So how does the league feel?

League spokesman Greg Aiello said, “We have not been convinced that it would work for us, but we are open to further discussion after the season.”

My Opinion: Although it’s an interestingly intriguing concept, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.