Hilarious “Bad Lip-Reading” Using NFL Footage Is a Must Watch (Video)


If you are not familiar with Bad Lip-Reading, it is a very popular YouTube channel that takes footage and dubs the dialogue in a way that it matches the original lip movements. It is truly incredible how accurate it looks and of course, they are hysterical in the dubbed dialogue.

They became extremely popular during the election because they mocked presidential candidates (my personal favorite was Rick Perry) and they also do movie scenes and music videos.

Today they launched their first sports themed BLR and the results are amazing. I think my personal favorite is the Pam Oliver interview with Adrian Peterson.

One thing, I think they should probably edit out the Josh Brent portion, considering they probably didn’t realize he is accused of killing his teammate in a drunk driving accident.

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  • Tough to listen to video with all those autoplay ads running #sloppysite.

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