HS Baller Victor Dukes Jumps On & Over Defender In Nasty Poster Dunk (Video)

victor dukes posterizes Manila

The dunk of the decade may have taken place in a high school game between the Nettleton Raiders and Manila that was played during the 66th Annual NEA Invitational High School Basketball Tournament, Nettleton Sophomore guard Victor Dukes threw down a dunk that may go down in history.

It may not have been the dunk of the decade, but it will definitely be talked about for years in that part of the country.  During the contest, Dukes gets the ball at the top of the key as everyone clears it out.

At that point Dukes faints like he’s going to crossover right, stutters, stays left drives down the lanes that opens up and in a scene from Kyrie Irving’s latest Nike commercial, rises, and rises, and rises, until Dukes literally steps up the defenders chest, then his chin, then his face, ended it off with a posterizing dunk for the ages that leaves the poor Manila defender, embarrassed, and really hurt, literally.

In the videos provided by the Big Lead, there are two different angles of the dunk to see.  Absolutely amazing.

I’m not sure how much recruiting interest Dukes was getting, but it just ratcheted up a bit.


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